Dec. 14th   index:  i c u marisa.

❝ wow i just went back to august 2011 paras & posts

we’ve all grown so much in our friendships & as writers, it’s so beautiful.

cries bc no matter what i love you guys

Aug. 10th   · 3 ·    index:  ooc.

❝ Anybody around..?


Oh, hey.imageOkay, I don’t believe in ghosts or anything, but I swear this place is haunted. Seriously gives me the creeps.

I can’t say I blame you.. Such unfortunate happenings here..

 It’s been so long Peter, how have you been?

❝ Anybody around..?

Jul. 26th   index:  ooc. :(.

❝ Sort of unpacked…


Hmm… what did you have in mind? I’m a sensitive, easily breakable guy, you know.


Oh you definitely seem it! I think I could take you!

And it depends.. Are you ready for something completely and out of this world crazy?!

Jul. 19th   · 4 ·    index:  miles.

❝ Sort of unpacked…


So I guess it’s time to find out what there is to do around here, yeah?


Looking for an adventure?

Jul. 18th   · 4 ·    index:  miles.

I can survive, with you by my side.
We’re gonna be alright.